About Us

Who are the people behind Bakery Co.? Well grab a cup of delicious coffee and let us tell you who we are... Bakery Co. was found in 2014 by two identical twins Juan and Armand, they found their passion for baking at the age of 10 years old! Their mother baked once in a while, she always gave them cookie dough to keep themselves busy. Juan and Armand then took their own initiative to sharpen up on their baking and decorating skills. With such drive, they chased their mom out of the kitchen and started baking up a storm! After many burnt cakes and over salted biscuits they had finally perfected their skills which led to them creating a Facebook page called "Bakery Co." When Juan and Armand opened their eyes they saw overnight they had reached 100 new likes on their Facebook page.

Over the years Juan and Armand worked at various retail stores and restaurants, where they polished up on their customer service skills and realized that hard work pays off ! (even if your feet are aching)

At the Bakery Juan is the head of all the decorating and macaroon making, Juan makes sure that all the cakes look beautiful just like the customer order it and spent many late evenings testing our perfect french macaroon recipe.

On the baking side of things, Armand is the head baker and bakes all the cakes, cupcakes, cookies and many more, Armand is very experienced with the science side of baking and hates pre-mixed cake, therefore he bakes everything from scratch...that is why our cakes taste so delicious.

Juan and Armand have such great support from their family and friends.

Bakery Co. has got such ambition and cannot wait to serve customers with a smile and a delicious slice of cake or cupcake.

Be on the lookout for all our cakes and baked goods on our facebook page!

  • Sugar and spice
  • All things nice
  • Loads of passion and tons of love
  • Mix all the above to achieve the perfect recipe.